Developing Personal Resilience

Grace Under Pressure: Developing Personal Resilience

Do you want to change the way you respond to stress?

If you feel like you are constantly ‘on the edge’, are easily overwhelmed by adversity, or find adapting to change difficult this 8 week program is for you.

through a combination of individual/group activities, educational exercises, and open discussions you will learn to improve upon your ability to effectively manage the stress, constant adversity, and unexpected crisies of daily living.

  • Understand your emotional and physical responses to stress
  • Develop skills of Emotional resilience, intellegence, and mindfullness
  • create solutions and make hard decisions with confidence
  • Stay healthy, happy, and helpfull
  • Prerequisites: adults willing to learn, share, and explore

    Dates: April 22-June 10,2014
    Times: Tue, 6:30 pM- 8:00 PM
    Cost: $120

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