High Stress, Anger, & Lifechange

The pressures we face every day from: home, work, family/friend/intimate relationships, social or community responsibilities, financial matters, personal expectations, and even exercise workouts can cause unhealthy stress levels.

Symptoms of chronic stress may include, but are not limited to: irritability, being short tempered, aggressive or violent behavior, feelings of being overwhelmed or overworked, chronic alcohol or drug use, feeling unsupported or depressed, chronic fatigue/illness, insomnia or restlessness, and lack of desire or intimacy.

These stress responses are normal and can be extremely beneficial in the short term but unhealthy and even fatal if left unchecked.

I can assist individuals in the management of:

  • life stress (home/work/social)
  • excessive anger
  • constant frustration and aggravation
  • life balance
  • compassion fatigue
  • secondary/vicarious trauma
  • Please feel free to contact Allen for more information or to book a free consultation.

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