Fear, Anxiety, & Phobias

Constant worrying, excessive thinking, over anxiousness, and living with phobias or chronic fear can be debilitating and take the joy out of life.

Symptoms of fear and anxiety can range from headaches, fatigue or restlessness, constant worrying, irritability, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia to panic attacks that can include sweating, shaking, feeling faint, nausea, palpitations, shortness of breath, and feeling out of control.

Although the symptoms may seem far-reaching, negatively affecting one’s self-esteem and confidence, personal and workplace relationships, and overall lifestyle, they can be effectively controlled.

I can assist individuals who are affected by:

  • anxiousness and excessive worrying
  • social anxiety and fear
  • specific phobias (e.g.: crowds, animals, heights)
  • embarrassment and extreme shyness
  • performance anxiety (e.g.: exams, public speaking, workplace)
  • low self-esteem and confidence
  • panic attacks
  • Please email me at info@traumawest.caor call/text 604-886-1383 to book an appointment or to arrange for a free consultation.