Somatic comes From the Greek word”soma” meaning “living body” or “whole person”.

somatic psychotherapy or body centered psychology, recognizes that in order for true healing, positive growth, and lasting change to occur , an individual’s concerns must be addressed on a physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual level.

This approach has proven to be very effective when dealing with matters of;

Your sessions will be experiential, collaborative, progressive, and self paced in nature allowing us to explore, alongside verbal/cognitive approachs, more creative methods such as; breathwork & relaxation techniques, movement & exercise, journaling & creative expression, touch & sensation, mindfullness & body awareness, and out-of-office/outdoor sessions.

I work in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental manner, customizing my approach to meet your specific individual needs.

you will always have a say in the pace, goals, and direction of the counselling process.

I encourage you to approach your sessions with a sence of exploration and playfull curiousity. Who knows, you may even have fun!

My affordable services are for individuals (adults/youth 10+), couples, and small groups with sliding-scale rates and low income assistance available.

Please note that, although face-to-face sessions are preferred, telephone and online sessions may be arranged.